Gorden with an E: “I just want to tell my stories through my songs”

Gorden with an E: “I just want to tell my stories through my songs”

This American singer-songwriter, originally from Jackson, NJ, has been captivating audiences with her distinctive sound and powerful lyrics.

Nationwide – February 1, 2024 (USANews.com) – Since her debut album, “Take Care,” released in December 2019, Gorden with an E has been on a relentless upward trajectory in the music world. Her album not only garnered immediate attention but also led to a collaboration with New York composer and producer Vincent McDowell. The duo reimagined two songs from the album, “Shadows (Resurrected)” and “Bring on the Waves (Reimagined),” both of which have become their most successful releases to date.

Gorden with an E’s music is deeply rooted in her personal experiences creating a tragically beautiful brand of storytelling. Her performances, armed only with her Breedlove acoustic guitar, are a mesmerizing experience, fully showcasing her emotional depth and versatility. Her unique style blends elements of Folk, Grunge, Indie Pop, and Alternative, defying conventional genre classifications.

In addition to her initial success, 2023 marked another milestone for Gorden with an E with the release of new songs “1,000 Footsteps” and “The Passenger.” These latest additions to her repertoire continues to resonate deeply with a diverse and growing fanbase.

Performing weekly at various local venues, her shows have become a must-see event for music enthusiasts.

As a founding artist of COUNTRY SKYLINE Records, Gorden with an E continues to inspire and influence the music scene. Currently residing in Dallas, TX, she is not just a singer-songwriter but a beacon of artistic integrity and creativity.

Fans and newcomers alike can experience the captivating world of Gorden with an E by visting her Link Tree HERE.

For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact Jessica Gorden at [email protected].

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